NYFW DAY 1 aka fashion blizzard fiasco

Day 1 of NYFW has arrived in this wonderful snow filled city. Winter or global warming? You be the judge. No matter rain or shine the show must go on! Shout out to all the fashionistas who made it through this weather and still managed to look flawless. Below are some of my favorite looks of the day



I really like the direction this collection was headed in. The mix of patterns were different but were pulled together so well. Very inspired.


Noon By Noor

Neutrals + Layers. 5/5 stars

Nicholas K

This is my favorite collection of the day. I really like the color scheme and the way each look is accessorized. The fact that all the models wore shiny boots is amazing. Also love the over emphasized hoop earring/ nose ring combo.

Adam Selman 





Face of the day- La Perla

La Perla Model

Who’s collection are you most excited to see this season?

xo Shalia Marie


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